Friday, November 4, 2011

Homemade Mozzarella and Da' Club

Me: Cheese Dick and Lady Julie, I'm ready to make more cheese, what about y'all? A blue perhaps?

Fred: CheeseBeeoch, I've been a little late replying, sorry. Was dealing with a raging cold all weekend and otha shee-ot.  I'm down to make some cheese m'lady.  Blue cheese would be rad.  I have some gouda doses in the freezer too.  No recipe, tho. CheeseDickie

CheeseDickie: yo yo YO CB, I've been in touch with the owner of Alesmith (he be makin cheese too) who told me about these foo-s.  I think we should branch out and make our own damn club just so we name our members.  String-cheese, Cheese-whiz, Queso-what?, etc. Then have meetings at different brewpubs-wine joints every month and sample our damn sheet-ot.  We gonna need a name and t-shirts. Cheese Dick out.

CheeseBeeoch:  Love it!  Our own club!! Let's do it!!  I'm already thinking that my Friday nights are cheese making nights since I'm a singleton. ... Re: Beer Week ... let's get something on the books so y'all can get a sitter, etc.  xoxoxo Cheese Beeoch out.

CD: Alright! Well we're going to need a name fo' Shawna fo' Da Club.  At some point we're going to need a Louise to join the club so that we can also have a Cheese Louise.  I see the names as being a driving force, if not the very reason, for Da Club.  #2 is cheese. #3 is beverage. ... I think we should plan our meetings to correspond with one of the thousands of beer and wine events going on each month ... if the tasks grow too large I will have to change my name to Big Cheese Dick and take on a Little Dick as as assistant.  Right now we only have a Dick and Bitch, so let's get crackin'. CD

CB: I'm peeing my pants right now. ... Re: Beer Week, my vote is for PPOB on Friday.  

Shawna: CD & CB, Friday night we could do the PP one and then Urge [later on..].  Cheesy Pleasy

CD: Cheese Dick and Baby Swiss are down with PPOB on Friday night.  What time are you making like toilet paper (& rolling out).  We were thinking about hitting it early 5:30pm or whatever ... easy cheesy .... I'm going to bring a lil' slice of homemade parm and my gray-ta to supplement that pizza pie. CD
Insalata caprese with homemade mozzarella and home grown basil.
My first venture into cheese making with Fred (aka Cheese Dick) was this easy 30 minute mozzarella, which is the perfect mate to home grown basil and tomatoes.  We convened on a summer Sunday afternoon and in no time had made not only mozzarella, but a sharp cheddar that would need to age a few months before we could taste it.
Fred aka Cheese Dick cutting the curd.
Curds after draining the whey.
"Processing" the mozzarella.
Quick 30 Minute Mozzarella
by The Greening of Gavin

1 gallon and a splash (4 litres) of whole milk 
1 1/2 teaspoon citric acid
1/4 teaspoon de-ionized salt (if you can find cheese salt - use that)
1/4 teaspoon rennet (where to buy cheese supplies in San Diego)
1 1/2 cup bottled water 

Stainless stock or soup pot
Microwave safe bowl
Slotted spoon

Step by step instructions here.

The original recipe and steps with pictures from Ricki Carroll here.

I encourage you to read Gavin's post and review both sets of instructions before beginning. Not because this is a difficult recipe or takes a long time to make, but because between the two of us - Cheese Dick and Cheese Bitch - we were a bit excited and our steps got out of sync a little bit.  The mozzarella still tasted better than anything store bought.

Me and "Cheese Dick" goofing around.
Best summer foods.

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